Arts & Design

Covering a vast range of skills and talents, art and design is a diverse subject that will help you turn your creative passion into a money-making career. Whether you want to be the next Damien Hirst or Tracey Emin, or you want to play a role in what the next Ferrari looks like, this subject will help you improve your talents and pursue your dream.

Art and design students are highly entrepreneurial and self-motivated, both qualities that you learn on your journey to becoming an artist. A qualification in art and design isn’t just about pencils and pictures, you’ll also learn all about the business and management side of the industry, which is vital to succeeding in a very competitive job market.

As it’s such a broad subject, you have a lot of options when it comes to applying for an art and design degree. Obviously the most useful subjects to have studied would be art, design, or design and technology. But you can also show your creativity with other subjects like photography, fine art, and product design. Portfolios are also very important for art and design applicants.

Art and design is a very passionate subject, so you should have an instinct as to whether you want to spend three years studying it.

Some branches of the subject will give you good employment opportunities, but compared to many degrees it doesn’t have the best job prospects. However, it will give you the skills, talents and abilities to turn your hobby and passion into a career that will make you money.

An art and design degree will teach you to think outside the box, which will help you in your assignments and portfolio, but also your job search. Creatives can find themselves working in the most amazing places – ranging from festivals, exhibitions and events, to celebrity functions, and royal parades.

You will also develop a network in the art and design industry, an important advantage in such a fast-moving environment. Whether it’s with classmates, teachers, alumni, or business during your placements, connections are extremely important, and there’s no better place to make them than at university.

Arts & Design programs are available in the following levels:
– Post-secondary Certificate/ Diploma/ Advanced DiplomaBachelor’s Degree

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